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Golden Beach and Its Special Features

Golden beach Krk

How to reach Golden Beach?

Due to its location preserving untouched nature, Golden Beach can only be accessed by sea.

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Why is it called Golden Beach?

Golden Beach is a place without any facilities, surrounded by nature and vertical cliffs, allowing complete peace and true summer relaxation. The main attraction of this beach is its name; Golden Beach earned its name due to its golden-colored sand and the rocks reflecting sunlight, creating a fairytale-like golden shimmer.

Visit Golden Beach on our boat tour

Book your spot and embark on the bout trip where Golden Beach, surrounded by the blue sea, will exceed all your expectations!

What visitors say about our boat tour?

The best experience with the best team!
"The best experience in Krk! Amazing places and beautiful sea! The time is very well organized, enough time to see and enjoy every beach! Great boat crew, police, nice and smiling! There is enough space on the boat!"
Sole G.
Treasure that doesn't exist :)
"It was great. The captain was a very nice and charismatic person. The tour was wonderful, an unforgettable experience. In addition, the coffee they offered was excellent. Thank you!"
Monika K.
Amazing experience
"An incredible experience for adults and children. A real mini-adventure in which you will be able to see or even better experience an untouched, peaceful part of the Croatian coast (one of its hidden gems). The friendliest crew on the island will take you, host you and prepare a delicious barbecue lunch with salad and dessert..."
Vanja N.
Top. We recommend!
"Definitely the best ship and crew in Croatia 👍 We were on the ship with 2 small children and lunch was an experience 🤩..."
Patrick B.
A very nice trip!
"During the intimate trip on the Doria boat from the town of Krk to the island of Plavnik, we saw wild vultures, large fish, admired the view, swam in incredibly clean water on small charming beaches, ate a delicious dinner and fed leftovers to seagulls in flight. Marko - extremely nice ..."
Paulina M.
Trip by boat
"A great trip on the Doria boat around Plavnik. We enjoyed swimming on hidden beaches and a pleasant ride."
Ivan Z.